Home Consultation

The Montessori Home Consultation is a unique home consulting service that gives parents practical advice on how to set up your home Montessori style, so that your child will gain confidence, independence and positive self-esteem. We recommend our Home Consultation service to parents who wish to optimize their home environment to better meet the development needs of their children, but who are not interested in drastically changing their living environment. 

We offer two different home consulting options:

  • Basic Home Consultation: We meet in your home environment and look at your space together for one hour. During that time, we offer some suggestions on how to organize the space to help foster your child’s independence and self-esteem.
  • Advanced Home Consultation: We meet in your home for one hour and look at the space together. After your consultation, you receive a detailed written report complete with the discussed suggestions and recommendations.

Consultations are available in person, over the phone, and via skype.

“Ariane is an absolute treasure. She has great respect for children and provides structured, compassionate and nurturing advice. She helped us prepare our home environment to successfully facilitate our daughter’s growth, independence and development. Our now 18 month old daughter has thrived, and it has been our absolute delight to watch her reach a potential that we did not think was possible until much later.”
~Maria P.

For more information about our Montessori Home Consultation services, please email us.