Staff and Faculty

a beautiful young ladyThe Montessori Parent Child Center is led by Ariane Le Carboulec.

Ariane founded the Montessori Parent Child Center in 2009 to help families of young children bring Montessori home.

Ariane has over fifteen years of teaching experience. She is a member of the American Montessori Society and of the North American Montessori Teacher Association.

Originally from France, Ariane holds her BA in Education from the University of Lyon. She came to the United States to teach French and music to infants, toddlers and children. She completed her Montessori teacher education in the United States. She holds credentials in Infant and Toddlers (0-3) and Early Childhood (3-6) Education, as well as in Montessori School Administration from the American Montessori Society.

Ariane is also a gifted musician and loves to incorporate music into her teaching. She studied the internationally acclaimed Orff Schulwerk method of teaching music to young children, which combines speech, movement and singing. She is a certified Level 1 Orff music instructor. Ariane also attended the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ, where she received her Music Together teacher training and certification.

Ariane is dedicated to helping families bring the Montessori philosophy home. She studied interior design at the New England Institute of Art. She combines her expertise in early childhood with her knowledge of interior design to create aesthetically pleasing, functional, child-friendly home environments that promote harmony in family life.

In addition to her work with the Montessori Parent Child Center, Ariane serves as a consultant for many Montessori schools and is on the Advisory Council of Kingsley Montessori School, in Boston, Massachusetts.